Creativity and Avant-garde

national WINES

An extensive trip through the different wines from all over the country which will allow us to travel through all the characteristic aromas and flavors of our wonderful national range. Ambivium has a very careful selection with more than 250 references chosen one by one by our experts.

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international WINES

World wines are an opportunity to travel and discover other climates, soils, varieties and ways of making wine. As well as that it will allow us to widen the choice to accompany our food.

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sweet WINES

The best companion for the dessert, the perfect match for a cheese selection or as an after-lunch companion to enjoy with some friends. We have the perfect sweet wine for the perfect occasion; at Ambivium, we will help you decide.

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spanish CAVA

Ambivium has selected with great care a range of sparkling wines ideal for enjoying with the exquisite dishes made by our team and with the best company.

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There is no perfect celebration without a good champagne. We have more than 25 references of champagnes – white and rose, to accompany a especial moment or a more serious one.

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